friday 5: august 23

Happy Friday!! So sorry for my silence this week- I have been enjoying a great beach vacation with my family! Today is our last full day and I'm up early so I thought I'd do a quick little Friday 5 with the girls! :)

(1) I've been at Pawley's Island, SC for a week- don't think I need to elaborate on how awesome that is.  But I will in a vacation recap of course!

(2) Groucho's STP- this is the best sandwich ever! I am obsessed with Groucho's and have been since high school. We briefly had on in Charlotte, but don't any more. So I eat a lot while I am here.

(3) Paddleboarding- I went paddleboarding this week and loved it! I was so glad I could get up and not fall. Major check off my bucket list!

(4) Food and more food. When we come to the beach we eat a lot! I can't wait to share menus and recipes in my recap.

(5) My nephews and niece- they are the most precious little kids.  I have had a great time at the beach with them! Hollins is 17 months so she is really enjoying sand and splashing in the little waves that come up.  Jackson and Nat are typical boys- rough playing! But they're both at the age where they still will love on me and cuddle and give kisses. I love it! Can't beat their snuggles.

Hope everyone had a great week! Normally I'm so glad it is Friday, but a little sad this Friday since we have to go back to reality tomorrow. But that does mean I get to see my Poppy girl who I miss so much!


  1. We took our family beach pics at Pawley's last year. So pretty! We stay in Myrtle Beach but it's nice to head south to a quiet beach town.

  2. I love Grouchos! All turkey Apollo Dipper for me please! Mmm now I'm crazing it and may have to go there for lunch! Glad you're having a good week at Pawley's. I've stayed at Litchfield at few times and its always so nice. And yes you eat and eat and eat some more when you have a beach house! When we had at ours in July at Wrightsville Beach I think I gained 15 lbs!

  3. Grouchos ... don't even get me started! That SAUCE!

  4. The word Grouchos makes my mouth water. There is one WAY too close to my house that I go to WAY too often ;-) Have a great weekend!

  5. I live in Charleston and have ever only driven through Pawley's on the way to Myrtle. I would love to spend a little weekend there with the family. Glad you had a good time!