friday 5: august 2

I can't believe it is already August!  But I'm not complaining because this means we go to the beach in just a couple of weeks!

Today my Friday Five has a theme- 5 great things I bought this week! I haven't been shopping in awhile so I got excited this week.

(1) I love make up...I don't wear a ton, but I like having options to pick from.  And I love buying something new.  This week I decided to get the Dior Airskin Airflash.  So far I like it- I've only used it once.  Hopefully it'll be good!  

(2) This top from Nordstrom! It is really fun- I like the leather (faux) part to it and the sheer back.  It is a great fit.

(3) Hue. This is a very under-appreciated brand.  I remember thinking they looked weird, would probably look bad on me, etc.  But last winter I tried a pair on and fell in love! They looked great with boots and a long top.  Then I got another pair- the boot cut kind and they are so comfy but look like real jeans.  I had to get another pair! 

(4) I also got this top! I already wore it once and really like it.  I debated it- wasn't sure if I was a polka dot person, but I think it is really cute. 

(5) I am not just obsessed with make up, I am really obsessed with lip products. Lip stick, gloss, stains, I love it all.  I got Revlon's Bellini lip gloss this week and like it a lot! It is very nude. I like the way it feels too.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm hosting a LSJ & Poppy Style trunk show tomorrow morning- if you are in Charlotte you should stop by! Email me for the address!

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  1. I love Dior makeup! I switched to their makeup after being frustrated with everything else. My friend has Airflash also and I swear her skin looks flawless when she wears it. That polka dot top is cute! Have a good weekend!