No I'm not engaged- I'm already married! :)

BUT this past year many of my closet friends have gotten engaged- one just got engaged this week! So this got me thinking about gifts.  Wedding gifts, shower gifts, etc.  I like to get meaningful wedding gifts- something they'll remember that I gave them.  But I also like to give a little gift when they get engaged! Being engaged is such a special time.

When I got engaged my sister did a big basket of goodies for me- wedding mags, champagne, champagne flutes, etc.  I try to do this for my friends now!  Here are some of my favorite little things to do for the newly engaged...do one or combine them all for an incredible package.

(1) NAILS: The day after I got engaged a friend and I went for a mani/pedi.  So important to keep your nails in great shape- everyone is going to want to see that ring!

Essie has a super cute wedding collection- so you can always send a pretty bottle if you aren't there to join in for the mani/pedi experience.

(2) MAGAZINES: Wedding magazines are so fun! There are so many different ones... I love the local wedding magazine here (Charlotte Wedding) but also love Martha Stewart Weddings and The Knot.

(3) CHAMPS: Champagne is appropriate at all times, but especially when you are newly engaged!

(4) MONOGRAM: I was pumped to get a new last name! So I couldn't wait to change my monogram and start putting a big H on everything.  Some people may not be the same way :) but if they are- they'll love something with their new initial.  Think candle...simple necklace...glasses...frame...etc.


How do you celebrate engagements?!

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  1. I'm obsessed with monogramming things! It doesn't help that my sister in law has an embroidery machine. :)