friday five: august 30

Time for 5 on Friday-- FOOTBALL addition! 

one. Last night 2 friends took us to the Panthers/Steelers game. It was so fun! Great seats, great company.  Best of all- the Panther WON! Whoop whoop! I know it doesn't count for "real" but it is still awesome. 

two. Game Day Bangles! Below are some the new game day bangles I've made... more to come and custom orders are taken! Email to order! 

three. I love to tailgate! Last night we didn't have time...but trust me tailgating is just as fun as the game! :)  

Here are my tailgating necessities:
-champagne (straight up or with OJ for mimosas)
-great dip

four.  My pet peeve is bad fans.  This doesn't just mean rude. It means obnoxious. I can't stand when people get SO out of control.  Whether we are pulling for the same time or different teams- it drives me nuts.  I can't stand over drunk, rude, obnoxious, entitled acting people at games.  Its like people forget all their manners! 

five.  A game day outfit is super important! Whether it is a jersey or team t-shirt or a dress- you've gotta be supporting a team! Luckily my favorite teams have great colors, so it is easy to wear.  Light blue and/or white for my Heels, black and/or a pretty blue for the Panthers!  You can always add jewelry to make the colors work.  You also want to be comfortable and dressed weather appropriate. 

from vestique.com

What are your game day tips?!

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my fav poppy style pieces + discount

In honor of all the kiddos going back to school, I decided to do a discount!  Get 15% off your entire purchase (includes sale items) plus FREE shipping until Friday!  Use the code: school15 :)

Here are some of my favorite pieces:






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the art of thank you

When I returned from vacation I had not one, not two, but THREE thank you notes waiting in my mail box! 

My day was made.  I love getting snail mail- cards, invites, etc. But thank you notes are the best! You know that someone went above and beyond to show you that they appreciate you and something you did for them.

Here are some of my favorite thank you notes/stationary options:

Design Darling- All the Cards You Need This Year

This is a fabulous idea! This way you always have the card you need on hand. 

Design Darling- Monogrammed Notecards

Everyone should own a set (or more!) of monogrammed notecards. It is a timeless classic that you can use for any occasion. 

Waiting on Martha- Confetti Thank You Cards

I love this set! I love gold and polka dots--can you tell?!

Waiting on Martha- XOXO Notes

These are adorable! I would love to send one or get one in the mail for just no reason. 

Where do you find your favorite stationary?

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beach vacay

Take me back!! I feel like I need another week long vacation to recover from my week at the beach. Anyone else???

daily view

Every summer my family goes to Pawleys Island, SC...and have been since way before I was born! It is heaven on Earth.  My cousins grew up in Georgetown, SC just about 20-30minutes away. So even during the school year I would go down and visit. Pawleys Island feels like a second home to me. I know it inside and out. 

This year was much like every other year. Long days on the beach, tons of food, floating the creek, etc.    We each take turns cooking dinner- it is always fun to think of something yummy to make.  This year Dave and I did homemade pizzas! Very time consuming, but easy and good!  My sister did crabcakes (she rocked them), homemade tartar sauce, marinated asparagus, and tomato pie.  My aunt did shrimp spaghetti- which Dave & I made for his family while in Rosemary Beach.  I'll have to share these recipes soon! My dad doesn't cook, but will buy everything for my sister (and me) to cook.  She did a beef tenderloin, mashed potatoes and roasted asparagus.  I made sure we had baked brie for an appetizer and dirt cake for dessert! SO MANY recipes to share! :)

This year we finally went paddleboarding! I have been wanting to try this for so long.  It was a blast! My cousin Susie rented the boards and she and her boyfriend took me and Dave out in the creek.  We picked it up pretty quickly! I was quite proud of myself. The next morning Dave and I even ventured out in the ocean by ourselves.  We didn't stay out too long because I started to get scared of sharks.... :) We were out SO deep. No way someone could have saved us.... hahaha! Shark week did me in. But here are two good reasons I was scared: bull shark and tiger shark

If you happen to visit the area you MUST eat at Bistro 217! My cousin (Susie) works there and it is the most amazing food.  We went twice while down there. My dad can't stop talking about it! I got the grouper one night and the burger (voted one of the best in SC by Southern Living) the next time- both incredible.  Everyone loved their meals. And the oysters- so yummy...and the fried okra....mmmm....loved it all! 

If you are looking for a great lunch spot- go to Groucho's!! Once in high school we drove from Pawleys Island to Charleston to eat it. Luckily they opened on right by the South Causeway! I get the STP every time- always with lots of sauce. If you have one near you- go right now. Don't wait. I'm so jealous...

Hollins is a great age at the beach- 17 months.  She is too funny!! She was scared at first of the waves, but then she fell in love and we couldn't stop her! She loved playing with my purse, Lilly Pulitizer wine glass and her blocks.  I loved getting this time with her.  

Jackson and Nat were also lots of fun- we enjoyed taking them out in the float and riding over waves.  Nat kept thinking he saw a shark- even in 3 inches of water. Jackson really likes the water! Nat loved playing in the sand.  As I mentioned Friday, I love this age with them. They are still so sweet and cuddly... they love to give hugs and kisses.  I hope it never ends!  They also say the funniest things! Their thought process is hilarious. 

It was a great week with family! I wish I had another week! It was so nice.

Now I'm off to Jackon's 7th birthday party- ninja turtle style pool party at the club! Happy Sunday!


friday 5: august 23

Happy Friday!! So sorry for my silence this week- I have been enjoying a great beach vacation with my family! Today is our last full day and I'm up early so I thought I'd do a quick little Friday 5 with the girls! :)

(1) I've been at Pawley's Island, SC for a week- don't think I need to elaborate on how awesome that is.  But I will in a vacation recap of course!

(2) Groucho's STP- this is the best sandwich ever! I am obsessed with Groucho's and have been since high school. We briefly had on in Charlotte, but don't any more. So I eat a lot while I am here.

(3) Paddleboarding- I went paddleboarding this week and loved it! I was so glad I could get up and not fall. Major check off my bucket list!

(4) Food and more food. When we come to the beach we eat a lot! I can't wait to share menus and recipes in my recap.

(5) My nephews and niece- they are the most precious little kids.  I have had a great time at the beach with them! Hollins is 17 months so she is really enjoying sand and splashing in the little waves that come up.  Jackson and Nat are typical boys- rough playing! But they're both at the age where they still will love on me and cuddle and give kisses. I love it! Can't beat their snuggles.

Hope everyone had a great week! Normally I'm so glad it is Friday, but a little sad this Friday since we have to go back to reality tomorrow. But that does mean I get to see my Poppy girl who I miss so much!


friday five: august 16

Time for 5 on Friday!

one. I had a great meeting with the La Senorita Jolie ladies Thursday morning at Dean & Deluca! I always leave feeling so inspired by each of them.  I also got a new LSJ lipgloss- love it!  We have some great hostess promotions going on, so be sure to email me if you want to host a show! You don't have to be in Charlotte either- we can ship you samples.

two. I got a new planner! I love back to school supplies. So I had to treat myself to a new planner.  My excuse? It will keep me organized... :)

Paper Source

three. I am officially ready for fall.  There has been a nice crispness in the mornings here and I love it.  This is unusual for me because normally I never want summer to end! We also haven't even had our week vacation at the beach with my family yet... 

four.  Speaking of beach vacation...I am officially packing! I am sooo ready to sit on the beach with my toes in the water.  You can click here to see what I took to Rosemary Beach back in June, I'll be taking basically the same items. 

last summer at Pawley's Island, SC

five.  This dress is perfection.  I am on a serious budget....I mean serious.  But I saw this dress and had to have it.  Hubby may wring my neck, but I think it'll be worth it. I can wear it now with flats/sandals, later with boots, then even later with tights and/or a fur vest!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

PS: use the code BEACH for 25% off your entire order (plus FREE shipping) on www.shoppoppystyle.com! 


golf par-TEE recap

The golf par-TEE that I helped host this past Saturday went so well! It was a huge hit! The hubby and I drove up to Raleigh first thing Saturday.  The party was at 2, so we needed time for the drive, set up, last minute pick ups, etc.  We didn't leave the party until 7pm! :)  Then we headed to the bride-to-be's parent's house for dinner, more drinks, and hanging out! Her little sister has a birthday this week, so we celebrated that.  Which meant cake and ice cream. The most delicious cake ever. I have to get the recipe! Speaking of that- Kristina might be one of the best brides ever. It was totally her day, her party, everything. But it was important to her that her family celebrate her sister's birthday that night and not make it about her and the wedding.  Bridezilla she is not.

Here are some fun pics from the par-TEE:

Kristina is in the adorable strapless Lilly dress next to me!


Water Hazard

  Eye of the Tiger Shot


I really can't take too much credit for this party! I made a few things, contributed where I could. But the main idea was Katie & Merriweather's and they also made all the little cute tags you see! I will definitely be repeating this theme.  

Have you hosted any fun themed parties recently??


current wishlist 8.13.13

current wishlist 8.13.13

Just a few of my things on my current wishlist! If only I could have them all...

How precious are these little animals? I got one similar at Target and get so many compliments on it. One day I think they'll be super cute in a nursery. 

I wish this throw was more affordable. I love a good throw! They can really spice up a room.

I love toss pillows. Absolutely love them. I switch them out every season just make the room feel fresh.

I would love to have this for people to use to sign receipts when I use the credit card app on my phone!

Aren't these coasters awesome?? They are screaming out to me. 

This tote has been on my radar for awhile now, I just need to make a good excuse to buy it.  


good eats

One of my favorite things about reading blogs is seeing where people eat. I have become such a foodie recently! When I go out of town, one of the most important things to me is finding cool, local, delicious restaurants.  So I thought I'd share some of my favorite Charlotte restaurants for you!

one. Soul Gastrolounge: Words can't begin to describe my love for this place.  I have been going here for years. And it never lets me down.  I can get a great glass of bubble (served in a vase) for $6 and eat anything from short ribs to fried goat cheese to sushi.  There is something for everyone! And the atmosphere can't be beat. It is so unique, edgy and fun. My favorite items: fried goat cheese, dirty south nachos, pork belly tacos with watermelon, sushi fondu roll.  And if you go for Sunday brunch, you HAVE to try the mac'n'cheese! 

two. 5Church: This is probably my favorite downtown (uptown) restaurants! I have loved every meal from here and the place has such a cool vibe.  Very different than lots of the other restaurants in Charlotte. It is a great excuse to get dressed up and ready for a "night on the town" even if you are really just going to get a drink/dinner.  The bacon pizza and lamb burger are two of my personal favs.  And if you're lucky, you may spot a celebrity here.   


three. Cowfish: I don't go here as much as I'd like due to the crazy waits.  But I think it is a must try for out-of-towners! I know that I can always take a group here because of the diverse menu.  I love the Miss Moffit's roll and the Birkdale roll.  The "What's Shakin' Tuna Bacon" is also pretty amazing!

Bento Box

four. Nolen Kitchen: This is an easy choice for a dinner out.  I love this place for girls nights! Tuesday's they have half-priced bottles of wine and always lots of yummy salads and apps to share.  I really like when I get to sit outside on the patio.  I love ordering the house made dips and pimento goat cheese grits.

five. Leroy Fox: This is my Sunday afternoon choice.  They have bottomless mimosas (and if you're lucky they'll give you mostly champs!) and great pretzel bites.  You must try the pretzel bites!! If you go for lunch, I really like the Fried Chicken Salad. 

images from Leroyfox.com

I know I'm forgetting some other favorite places, but I'll share those another day! What are your favs and why?