weekend review

We had a great low key weekend! Just what we needed.

Friday night we hung out with my dad- my favorite Friday ritual.  The three of us decided to dine at a favorite burger joint, Big Daddy's.  Well now Bad Daddy's but I like the old name better.  If you are every in Charlotte you should definitely check it out!  I like the Patty Melt and tator tots. But this time I got the fries with truffle oil and parm-- aaaaamazing! Life changing.

My dad and I went to two other favorite local spots on Saturday: the Kings Drive Farmers Market and Green's Lunch.  I swear Green's has the best hot dog ever. And it is only $1.70. (yup really, $1.70) Green's Lunch is a long standing tradition in my family. One I can't wait to keep going!

Sunday after church my sister in law and I decided to be crafty.  We attempted the DIY Sharpie mugs seen all over Pinterest! It was fun and I can't wait to do it again... with a stencil.

Here are my two mugs:

Can't wait to try out more designs!

And now I'm off to watch for the Royal Baby!!!

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  1. That hot dog looks delicious!! That's exactly how I like mine too! Sounds like a fun weekend with your dad! And some good eatin' too! I'm keeping my fingers crossed she holds off delivering the baby till tomorrow so the baby is born on my birthday!!!