For those of you that know me personally, then you know my cousin Jennie.  Jennie is 6 months and 12 days older than I am.  Growing up we were a grade a part and super close...sister like close.  Including sibling bickering.  I claim she and Susie (her sister/my cousin) ganged up on me and beat me up.  They claim I threw myself on the floor and cried over nothing.  You be the judge....

She knew all of my friends, I knew all of her friends. She came to dances at my school, I went to dances at her school.  We had so much fun together in high school! I loved those days.  We spent half a summer in Europe together, traveling all over and seeing the most incredible places. I was thrilled when she moved to Charlotte. 

Jennie has been called to do something I find so scary and intimidating.  And I could not be more proud of her.  She leaves in January 2014 for the World Race.  She will spend 11 months in 11 different countries.  She will be changing the lives of so many people.  And this is all because God has called her to do this.  She is so brave and will be so wonderful at this journey.

Click here for her personal post about why she is going. (you may need a tissue, i did!)

You can click here to donate to her journey. 

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