Friday Five: July 12

Happy Friday y'all!! 

Have to be short today because I am in a hurry packing and what not.... :)

(1) I am heading to market for the first time ever today! And am SO SO excited.  I will be sure to share lots of pics next week!

(2) Liebster Award from Ally: check it out here! Can't wait to take part in this!

(3) I bit the bullet and registered for Charlotte's Southern Women's Show!! It is September 19-22, so if you are in the area please stop by! I'll share more details closer to the event.

(4) My house is sooo organized! My mother-in-law was here Monday-Wednesday helping me clean out closets and organize lots of stuff! (as mentioned here) I love the way everything looks.  Will share pics next week!

(5) Making jewelry! I made 3 necklaces and quite a few bangles this week.  I spent a good amount of time practicing my bangles and think I finally got the hang of it.  Here are some pics (yes I need to work on photo layout and quality):

my 2 new favs!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! Follow me on instagram if you want to see pics while I'm at market! 

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  1. You have a real knack with jewelry! Such beautiful pieces! Have a good weekend!