Atlanta's Mart Weekend

I had the best time in Atlanta this past weekend!! AmericasMart was such an eye opening experience for me.  I had never been and didn't know to expect.  Just me and my sweet hubby headed down for the weekend! We stayed with his aunt & family- it was so wonderful to see them! 

Saturday we spent just about the whole day at the mart! I followed some tips I got from friends that had been- have a plan, map, list, etc.  But once I got there, I just went for it! I just started wondering around.  I did get a book and kept my printed maps and lists with me.  So when I hadn't found something I wanted to see, I just looked it up.

I wish that I had more pics to share, but photography was frowned upon by the overall rules and I didn't want to intrude on anyone's space.  I will share some of the cool things I saw though!

Satchel.: I love these bags! The owner was super sweet. I could have talked with her for hours.  I think I am going to carry her leather cuffs and bracelets. They will be $30-$50 and so worth it! 

CV Designs: This girl makes all her own jewelry and it is fabulous! But get this- NO WEBSITE! She has had her successful business for 13 years! I plan to carry a few of her pieces, when I do I will share pics! Click here to see some examples of her line from another boutique! 

Heartstrings: I love a monogram- I believe in what Reese Whiterspoon said "If it isn't walking, monogram it." This company does just that! Soon you will be able to get acrylic and metal monogrammed necklaces on the website, as well as a few home goodies like monogrammed acrylic pieces!

There were so many other things I wanted! But had to limit myself... If you ever see anything you think I should carry let me know!

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