New Fav: Asos

asos dresses

I just ordered my first item from Asos last week! I got this dress and sadly have to return it.  It is a little large, BUT it isn't a problem because they have free shipping for returns.  So I plan to order it again in a different size and I may add one of the above dresses as well! 

Have you ordered from asos before? Any favs I should look at? 


Friday 5: July 26

Happy Friday!! 

(1) This past week my sweet cousin Susie and her boyfriend came to visit for the DMB concert!  Tuesday night we had a family night out- dinner at Soul, drinks at Peculiar Rabbit and then more drinks  at our house.  Lets just say I didn't feel too great on Wednesday!  I don't get to see her enough and it made my week getting to hang out with her!

(2) Last night my sister, cousin Jennie and I dined at the Melting Pot for restaurant week. Its one of my fav places, but Dave doesn't seem to like it. I guess its not a "guy" place.  So much chocolate and cheese!

(3) This weekend I have two trunk shows that I am so excited for!  I'll have the jewelry and La Senorita Jolie clothes for sale! 

(4) Bangles!! I am so thrilled to share that my bangles are going to be carried at Scout & Molly's of Charlotte.  I have seen these bangles starting to pop up everywhere.  I learned how to make them at my favorite bead shop and just kept making them.  Email me if you are interested in purchasing one!

(5) I've been brainstorming how I want to set up my booth display for Southern Women's Show.  I have so many ideas in my head, I just can't think which direction I want to go in.  Here are some things I am dying to have for my booth (and my house afterwards...):

Would be a great background!

A cowhide has been on my wish list for awhile now!

I know I would use this after the show too!

Such a pretty way to display jewelry!

Let me know if you have any suggestions for my booth!!

Have a great weekend! Be sure to check out the other girls linking up on Friday!



For those of you that know me personally, then you know my cousin Jennie.  Jennie is 6 months and 12 days older than I am.  Growing up we were a grade a part and super close...sister like close.  Including sibling bickering.  I claim she and Susie (her sister/my cousin) ganged up on me and beat me up.  They claim I threw myself on the floor and cried over nothing.  You be the judge....

She knew all of my friends, I knew all of her friends. She came to dances at my school, I went to dances at her school.  We had so much fun together in high school! I loved those days.  We spent half a summer in Europe together, traveling all over and seeing the most incredible places. I was thrilled when she moved to Charlotte. 

Jennie has been called to do something I find so scary and intimidating.  And I could not be more proud of her.  She leaves in January 2014 for the World Race.  She will spend 11 months in 11 different countries.  She will be changing the lives of so many people.  And this is all because God has called her to do this.  She is so brave and will be so wonderful at this journey.

Click here for her personal post about why she is going. (you may need a tissue, i did!)

You can click here to donate to her journey. 

weekend review

We had a great low key weekend! Just what we needed.

Friday night we hung out with my dad- my favorite Friday ritual.  The three of us decided to dine at a favorite burger joint, Big Daddy's.  Well now Bad Daddy's but I like the old name better.  If you are every in Charlotte you should definitely check it out!  I like the Patty Melt and tator tots. But this time I got the fries with truffle oil and parm-- aaaaamazing! Life changing.

My dad and I went to two other favorite local spots on Saturday: the Kings Drive Farmers Market and Green's Lunch.  I swear Green's has the best hot dog ever. And it is only $1.70. (yup really, $1.70) Green's Lunch is a long standing tradition in my family. One I can't wait to keep going!

Sunday after church my sister in law and I decided to be crafty.  We attempted the DIY Sharpie mugs seen all over Pinterest! It was fun and I can't wait to do it again... with a stencil.

Here are my two mugs:

Can't wait to try out more designs!

And now I'm off to watch for the Royal Baby!!!


Friday Five: July 19

Whoop whoop it is FRIDAY! And we have NO plans this weekend! I am so excited for that.

(1) I am so happy to share that Poppy Style will have a booth at Charlotte's Southern Women's Show this year! Please save the date for September 19-22... we are going to have a great time!

Closer to the event I will raffle off some FREE tickets! You won't want to miss it :)

(2) Homeland. OMG...how am I just now seeing this show? It films in Charlotte, so I see filming for it all the time, but have never watched it. I just started last week and it is all I can do to not watch it all at once.  I love seeing different parts of Charlotte throughout the show!

(3) I got my hair cut this week and so far am loving it! I have been growing it out for well over a year now. After having it super long, I decided I'm more of a "medium length with layers" girl.  Here are some pics that inspired me:

And my selfie from the day of:

(4) Our wet bar area is almost complete! I am thrilled with the new space.  It really opened up the house and dining room. I picked up some great knobs at Hobby Lobby that I love.  My hubby does not love them as much as I do.

more pics to come!

(5) I finally figured out how to set up Poppy Style on Instagram! I hope you will all follow along!

And I'm of course linking up with these great girls:


Currently Loving: bangles

My current favorite item is ALL of my bangles! I've had so much fun making these.

I love wearing 3-4 at once... 5 if I'm feeling crazy.  You can mix and match these with themselves or with your other bracelets.  I think they are great to add a pop of color with a simple outfit when you aren't in the mood for a necklace. And trust me- people will always compliment you on them!

Right now they are not for sale on my website, but I am taking custom orders! Prices range from $20-$32 per bangle, depending on the stone.

Email me (madeline @ shoppoppystyle {dot} com) if you are interested! Be sure to like our page on Facebook to see all the newest bangles.


Atlanta's Mart Weekend

I had the best time in Atlanta this past weekend!! AmericasMart was such an eye opening experience for me.  I had never been and didn't know to expect.  Just me and my sweet hubby headed down for the weekend! We stayed with his aunt & family- it was so wonderful to see them! 

Saturday we spent just about the whole day at the mart! I followed some tips I got from friends that had been- have a plan, map, list, etc.  But once I got there, I just went for it! I just started wondering around.  I did get a book and kept my printed maps and lists with me.  So when I hadn't found something I wanted to see, I just looked it up.

I wish that I had more pics to share, but photography was frowned upon by the overall rules and I didn't want to intrude on anyone's space.  I will share some of the cool things I saw though!

Satchel.: I love these bags! The owner was super sweet. I could have talked with her for hours.  I think I am going to carry her leather cuffs and bracelets. They will be $30-$50 and so worth it! 

CV Designs: This girl makes all her own jewelry and it is fabulous! But get this- NO WEBSITE! She has had her successful business for 13 years! I plan to carry a few of her pieces, when I do I will share pics! Click here to see some examples of her line from another boutique! 

Heartstrings: I love a monogram- I believe in what Reese Whiterspoon said "If it isn't walking, monogram it." This company does just that! Soon you will be able to get acrylic and metal monogrammed necklaces on the website, as well as a few home goodies like monogrammed acrylic pieces!

There were so many other things I wanted! But had to limit myself... If you ever see anything you think I should carry let me know!


LSJ details

So I've been mentioning La Senorita Jolie quite a bit on the blog these days! I thought I'd break it down and explain more about the company to all of you.

"La SeƱorita Jolie"="A pretty girl"
I first heard about the company from Designer Bags & Dirty Diapers (this post).  I contacted the company because the idea of being a stylist/ambassador sounded like the perfect fit for me.  Their clothes go great with my jewelry, I still get to sell jewelry, but now I also get to sell clothes. I love wearing jeans and a t-shirt and adding some fun jewels.  
Jennifer Dixon, founder/creator, grew up in Charlotte like me and I have gotten to spend some time getting to know her and her sister Julia.  They are awesome people! I am so happy to be part of such a great company.  I have also gotten to meet some other ambassadors and it makes me so excited for this opportunity.  
The clothes are so comfy, I find myself wanting more and more pieces! 
Use the code LSJ-MHW at checkout!
Now is YOUR chance to get some comfy, beautiful LSJ clothes for FREE! If you host a trunk show, you can earn a great clothing "allowance."  You'll get free and 1/2 priced clothes based on the amount of sales at the show.
Hosting a trunk show is super easy and very low key.  Just invite your family and friends, have a few light bites, and relax! If you are interested, just email me and I'll help you set it up and answer any questions you have.  Even if you aren't in Charlotte, you can host a trunk show! Let us know a date and we can ship you samples and all the info you need.  
If you are in Charlotte and interested in hosting a show (or joining as a brand ambassador!)  contact me and I'll let you know some dates of upcoming shows that you can stop by.  
What is your favorite piece??

the liebster award

A HUGE thank you to Ally over at Life as I know It for nominating me for the Liebster Award!
The Rules

1) Link back to the blog that nominated you
2) Nominate 5-11 blogs with fewer than 200 followers
3) Answer the questions posted for you by your nominator
4) Share 11 random facts about yourself
5) Create 11 questions for your nominees
6) Contact your nominees and let them know that you nominated them 

My Nominations 
(and some of the girls prob have more followers than the rules...)

Katie from Perfectly Us
Alex from Pink & Prosperous
Laura from Our Life in the Queen City
Sarah from Georgia Peaches

My answer's to Ally's Questions

1. How did you get into blogging? I have loved reading blogs for a little over a year now and had been thinking about starting my own. But then I thought what would I write about and who would read it? After starting my jewelry company, Poppy Style, I thought it would help my business to have a blog.  And it has! It has also been really fun!
2. If you had to eat one food everyday, for the rest of your life, would would that food be? Definitely Kraft Mac'n'Cheese --spirals! 

3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Hopefully my business will continue to grow and take off! I hope my hubby and I have at least one little one and are just still living a happy life in Charlotte!
4. If you could re-do it, would you have studied something else in college? If you didn’t attend, what would you study if someone gave you free tuition? I always joke about this with my friends and family that I should have majored in criminology.  I majored in Corporate Communications and loved it. It taught me sooo much! But I have an odd fascination with crimes/criminology! I almost had enough credit for a minor and should have just done it. 

Elon University
5. Do you speak any other languages? Nope! I have taken French, Spanish and Italian though. 
6. Do you have any tattoos? Yup! I got one 3 weeks into my freshman year of college. It is a tiny pink heart that no one can see! 
7. What quality do you find most attractive in others? Kindness 
8. Would you ever consider plastic surgery? I used to say no, but actually I think I would. I worked for a cosmetic dermatologist so I know there is also a lot you can do without surgery.  There is nothing I would do now, but who knows after kids?! I definitely wouldn't do anything to my face or make myself look drastically different. 
9. Do you love or loathe exercise? LOATHE. LOATHE. 
10. If you could furnish your entire house, for free, from one catalog/store/website, which would it be?  This is a tough one! I don't know if I could pick just one...I love Restoration Hardware and Ballard Design. But I also love cute little antique or vintage shops. We have some great ones in Charlotte. 
11. What is one skill or hobby you’ve always wanted to learn? I am doing it! I always wanted to make jewelry and I'm doing it.  I started learning last fall and still have so much to learn. I go to this cute bead shop in Charlotte, NC and the girls there help me with everything. I absolutely love it! But if I had to pick something else, I would pick sewing! I would love to make my own pillow covers. 

11 Random Facts about ME

1. I could eat mac'n'cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
2. I use 2-3 mascaras at once...like I apply one, then another and sometimes another. 
3. I love fake eyelashes.
4. I am addicted to Target. It is hard for me to walk out and not spend $100.
5. I wish I was a detective. (see above)
6. I am obsessed with champagne. I order every where I go and can drink it by the bottle!

7. I love TV...its really bad sometimes.  I am obsessed with RHOC, RHBH, Law & Order, Castle, Bachelor, etc. 
8. Before going to bed after drinking, I like to have a glass of milk. I also have one in the morning after drinking. 
9. I don't like Diet Coke, but love Diet Dr. Pepper.
10. Soul is my favorite restaurant in Charlotte.
11. I love cuddling with my hubby and my pup, Poppy.

My questions for the girls

1. What is your favorite place in the world?
2. Do you have any secret talents?
3. What would you do if you had $1,000 to do anything with?
4. Drink of choice?
5. What is your dream job?
6. What is your guilty pleasure? 
7. Favorite TV shows?
8. If you could only shop for clothes at one store, what would it be?
9. What are your favorite blogs?
10. What do you always have to keep in your fridge?
11. What is your go to outfit?


Friday Five: July 12

Happy Friday y'all!! 

Have to be short today because I am in a hurry packing and what not.... :)

(1) I am heading to market for the first time ever today! And am SO SO excited.  I will be sure to share lots of pics next week!

(2) Liebster Award from Ally: check it out here! Can't wait to take part in this!

(3) I bit the bullet and registered for Charlotte's Southern Women's Show!! It is September 19-22, so if you are in the area please stop by! I'll share more details closer to the event.

(4) My house is sooo organized! My mother-in-law was here Monday-Wednesday helping me clean out closets and organize lots of stuff! (as mentioned here) I love the way everything looks.  Will share pics next week!

(5) Making jewelry! I made 3 necklaces and quite a few bangles this week.  I spent a good amount of time practicing my bangles and think I finally got the hang of it.  Here are some pics (yes I need to work on photo layout and quality):

my 2 new favs!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! Follow me on instagram if you want to see pics while I'm at market! 


Currently Loving: Queens Bracelet

Happy Wednesday everyone!! The weekend will soon be here and I can't wait! I will be heading down to Atlanta to AmericasMart! Whoop whoop! My first visit to market.  I am just going to take it all in.

One bracelet I am planning on wearing all weekend is my current fav- the Queens Bracelet

Queens Bracelet $28

If you follow me on Instagram then you've seen it a lot recently!

I am also thrilled to be a pop up stylist for La Senorita Jolie (as mentioned here)! 

Check out this photo from their recent shoot: 

You can get the necklace here!

Have a great week!


Summer Cleaning

This past weekend we started SUMMER CLEANING (we missed spring cleaning).  And today my sweet mother-in-law is coming to help me clean and organize.

I went a little crazy on Pinterest pinning my organizing ideas.  There are so many things I want to do.  I want everything in its place.  This means- extra dog collars, lone socks, receipts, hair ties, vitamins, etc. My bedside table is so cluttered and I want it neat and tidy like you see in magazines. Doesn't everyone?!



I also think if I organize my bathroom better, I'll have lots more room for things that are piling up in the linen closet.  And it is definitely time to throw out some old products and organize the ones I am keeping.

Love the way this looks!

What is your best organizational tip??


Five on Friday: July 5

Happy belated 4th of July everyone!!

Here are 5 things I'm loving from this week:

(1) FIREWORKS. I love fireworks!


(2) Apple Pie.... I mean seriously. My friend Elizabeth made the best apple pie ever last night and I had 2 larges slices with vanilla ice cream.  I woke up craving it.

(3) I went to Target this week with my adorable nephew -- what a great shopping partner! I fell in love with too many things (as usual).

I really want this lamp, but didn't get it and don't have a place for it:

I did bring home a few of these bins:
Gray Faux Snake Storage

(4) Last day to take advantage of my 4th of July sale over at Poppy Style! 40% off you ENTIRE order!! Does exclude sale items and minimum order of $25.  FREE SHIPPING! Doesn't get much better than that! So go now and shop, shop, shop! Use the code: july4

(5) Cute things I've enjoyed this week:
Doggy niece- Penny

My niece Hollins

Cheers to the long weekend!!