Weekend in Review

This past weekend was pretty great!

It started with a morning tennis game followed by an afternoon at the mall. My college roommate and BFF is getting married this November so it was time to shop for some party dresses! Luckily she found two gorgeous dresses. I resisted buying anything- so proud of myself. But I did almost buy this dress from J.Crew and kind of wish I had. I may go back for it!

Friday happy hour went off without a hitch! It lasted until 9pm- well past happy hour! But we were all having too much fun. We headed to get a late bite to eat- including my dad who is normally asleep by 9:30!

It was super easy, just a few apps, some champs, wine and a little liquor for the boys.  It took minimal set up time.  I can't wait for the next on! :)

Saturday I got to have a lunch with two of my besties! It was wonderful.  We sat outside at Wolfgang Puck and enjoyed some yummy salads and champs.

Sunday was supposed to be our pool day. But sadly it was too gloomy/rainy out! So it didn't work out. I did get to finally watch the movie Safe Haven.  A little slow, but good. And I am proud to say the hubby watched it with me! Sometimes you just need a little love story.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm already looking forward to the next one!

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