Oh what to pack

We are about to head to Rosemary Beach for a week with my hubby's fam and I am so excited!!  I am even excited to pack! It means it is time to pull out beach bags, bathing suits, chairs and more that we haven't used since last summer.  And it is a good excuse to get a new cover up or bathing suit! :)

beach list

1 // sunscreen: this is so important! can't go out without it.

2 // sunglasses: i adore these ray bans, i don't have them but do have some great knock off target ones :)

3 // beach tote: i have a bag/tote obsession. i just got this one at Target and loveeee it

4 // bathing suit: i just discovered VS bathing suits & i am so glad! they give me the support i need.

5 // beach towel: i got this last summer at Forever 21 and love the pattern, excited to use it again!

6// spring water: i can NOT go to the beach/pool without this. make fun or laugh at me if you must, but once you try it, you will also be hooked. (i also have a travel size for flying #yupthatgirl)

7 // lip stick/gloss: this is super light and moisturizing! love the light color it gives without being sticky

8 // cover up: i get a bit self conscious in a bathing suit (don't we all?) so a good cover up is very important to me

what are your must haves for the beach??

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