Product Junkie

I am a serious product junkie.  I don't wear a lot of make up or use a ton of products. But I OWN a TON!  I just can't resist a new lipstick, bronzer, face wash, etc.

Sometimes I tend to waste a bit too much money in this area.... So I loved when I stumbled upon this blog and these posts!


My current fav lip color is Snob by MAC so I'm interested if Revlon's Pink Pout is similar! I tend to get weak at the mall and end up spending money on too many unnecessary products. I can also do this at Target....  at least at Target they aren't as pricey as at the mall! But it is hard to pick the right lipstick at Target when you haven't tried it on.  So I think this guide is awesome!

What are your fav products or addictions?

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Weekend in Review

This past weekend was pretty great!

It started with a morning tennis game followed by an afternoon at the mall. My college roommate and BFF is getting married this November so it was time to shop for some party dresses! Luckily she found two gorgeous dresses. I resisted buying anything- so proud of myself. But I did almost buy this dress from J.Crew and kind of wish I had. I may go back for it!

Friday happy hour went off without a hitch! It lasted until 9pm- well past happy hour! But we were all having too much fun. We headed to get a late bite to eat- including my dad who is normally asleep by 9:30!

It was super easy, just a few apps, some champs, wine and a little liquor for the boys.  It took minimal set up time.  I can't wait for the next on! :)

Saturday I got to have a lunch with two of my besties! It was wonderful.  We sat outside at Wolfgang Puck and enjoyed some yummy salads and champs.

Sunday was supposed to be our pool day. But sadly it was too gloomy/rainy out! So it didn't work out. I did get to finally watch the movie Safe Haven.  A little slow, but good. And I am proud to say the hubby watched it with me! Sometimes you just need a little love story.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm already looking forward to the next one!


5 for Friday!

Excited to join the girls for another 5 on friday!! 

1) Tonight we are having a happy hour at our house! I love love happy hours. I like to pull out my nice glasses, have some fun appetizers, play some music--and of course pour the champs! It makes for a very low key, laid back time to visit with close friends.

via pinterest

2) The pool! Can't wait to relax on a float in the pool this weekend with some friends. This picture is an oldie, but a goodie! Summer 2009-- playing some beer pong in the pool. We probably won't be doing that this weekend, but we'll still be having lots of fun.

Summer 2009

Nothing better!

3) I really don't like to work out. But so far this week I've worked out 4 days with a girlfriend and have been enjoying it! This ties into my "60 day plan."  I haven't mentioned this yet on the blog, but Monday the hubby and I started a "60 day plan" to get healthy and in shape.  We head back to the beach with my family in 60 days so it was just the right amount of time.  We're trying to work out more, eat better, eat out less, drink less alcohol, etc.  So any of you with good, healthy recipes out there please start sharing! I will say it I am feeling better and actually looking forward to this goal!

4) I am so excited to share that I am going to be a pop-up stylist for the new line La Senorita Jolie! Their t-shirts are amazing- so soft, comfy and flattering! I can't wait for my samples to come in to share more details with everyone.  If you live in Charlotte- I'll be having a trunk show soon! It'll be tons of fun, Poppy Style jewels and LSJ clothes.

Here are a few of my favs (please note the names of the first 2!!):

Charlotte Top

Poppy Top

Taylor Top

See something you want to buy? Use the code LJS-MWH at checkout!

5) We are about to start renovation work in our kitchen! Well not quite the kitchen, but the bar area.  We tore out an old bathroom awhile back and are finally going to finish it up.  We are turning into a wet bar and then eventually we'll finish the rest of the kitchen!

Inspiring me:

(images via pinterest)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 


Get the Look: Emily Maynard

I couldn't believe it when I saw Emily Maynard (from ABC's the Bachelor & Bachelorette & Charlotte resident) wearing a necklace I carried in a local Charlotte magazine! I also couldn't believe the price difference!

Mine: $45
The one in the magazine: $65
Exact same piece!

I love the way it is styled! Styling for the whole shoot was done by Effie Loukas and I think every look was amazing. You should definitely check it out!

Get the necklace here!

I should also probably admit I am a huge Bachelor/Bachelorette fan! There is something about that show that just sucks me in....

(images are from my iPhone but taken of the magazine)


Currently Loving: Knot Bangles

These bracelets are great to wear alone or mixed with others! You can mix all 3 or just one of them.  So many options and such a great price!

Knot Bangles $28

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you've probably already seen a few ways I wear them.

How would you style them?


Many thanks!

Just wanted to give a quick thanks to Natasha and Julie for spreading the word about Poppy Style!

I adore both of these blogs and they are such inspirations to me.  I hope you take a minute to check them out!

Also a special thanks to Laura for making my blog so pretty!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!



Friday 5!

Major lack of posting this week since we have been on vacation!!  But here area  few things I'm loving this Friday:

1) The BEACH! Enough said :)

2) Fish tacos: Recently I have really been loving fish tacos.  A few weeks ago we went to a friend's house and they made delicious fish tacos.  They got the kit at Clean Catch and I can't wait to get one myself.  While being at the beach I have indulged in fresh seafood- especially some fish tacos.

3) Tomorrow we had to Montgomery, Alabama and I get to see one of my college besties!! I can't wait to see her new house and hang out with her and her hubby.

4) Snapchat: One of my favorite new apps! Also my hubby's fav new app- he is a little obsessed.  People may think it is just for "inappropriate" photos, but it isn't! It is too funny. My friends send the most random, entertaining photos and keeps me laughing throughout the day.

5) Family: I have had a great time at the beach with my in-laws! Lots of great family fun! I am looking forward to getting home though and seeing my dad to celebrate Father's Day. He is truly a wonderful dad- the best ever in my book!!!

I also miss this little girl:

Have a great weekend!!


A Giveaway!

Want to win free pair of Morrocroft earrings??  (of course you do!)

What color is your favorite??

Enter the giveaway below! No purchase necessary :)

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Friday Five

I just love this idea that I saw over at Hello! Happiness & Carolina Charm.

Here are my five for this Friday:

1) I am getting VERY excited about heading to Rosemary Beach with the family! I have never been and after reading what Natasha had to share, I know we'll have a blast.

2) I am LOVING cover ups right now.  Well I guess I always do, but I have found so many cute ones.  I really REALLY want to get this cover up but am resisting.... I think... A local boutique here has it for 20% off. But still not sure if I can justify that right now. Isn't it cute?

Image from Scout & Molly's of Charlotte

3) Today is my nephew's (Jackson) last day of kindergarten!! I can't believe how grown up he is getting...time has flown by.  And next year Jackson will be in first grade and Nat will be in kindergarten! I adore these boys (and their little sis) so much. I am the luckiest aunt to have them!

Nat & Jackson

4) Last Sunday we brought this chair in gray, ottoman and umbrella home from Target.  I have really enjoyed using them! Updating the patio has been really fun and makes me excited for summer days and evenings.  Pics coming soon!!

5) Pave starfish studs: need I say more?

Poppy Style Starfish Studs $22
How great are these for summer?? They are one of my fav items in my shop right now.  This picture doesn't even do them justice! They just scream summer and beach time.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Oh what to pack

We are about to head to Rosemary Beach for a week with my hubby's fam and I am so excited!!  I am even excited to pack! It means it is time to pull out beach bags, bathing suits, chairs and more that we haven't used since last summer.  And it is a good excuse to get a new cover up or bathing suit! :)

beach list

1 // sunscreen: this is so important! can't go out without it.

2 // sunglasses: i adore these ray bans, i don't have them but do have some great knock off target ones :)

3 // beach tote: i have a bag/tote obsession. i just got this one at Target and loveeee it

4 // bathing suit: i just discovered VS bathing suits & i am so glad! they give me the support i need.

5 // beach towel: i got this last summer at Forever 21 and love the pattern, excited to use it again!

6// spring water: i can NOT go to the beach/pool without this. make fun or laugh at me if you must, but once you try it, you will also be hooked. (i also have a travel size for flying #yupthatgirl)

7 // lip stick/gloss: this is super light and moisturizing! love the light color it gives without being sticky

8 // cover up: i get a bit self conscious in a bathing suit (don't we all?) so a good cover up is very important to me

what are your must haves for the beach??


Currently Loving: Charlotte Necklace

Each week I'm going to share which item over at the shop is my current fav! It changes constantly! I am one of those people that gets a piece and will wear it every single day for a week (sometimes months).  I own hundreds of pieces of jewelry, but without a doubt get hooked on a few pieces that will make an appearance constantly- even if I have something that will go just as well or even better.

The Charlotte necklace in orangey-coral is my favorite this week! And was last week... and the week before... :)

I've been wearing it with a plain black t-shirt dress from Target, navy tank top and jeans, white t-shirt and shorts, etc.  Add some gold studs, maybe some bracelets and you are all set for the day!

What is your favorite piece at shoppoppystyle.com right now?


Such a steal!

I ventured to Old Navy a few weeks ago in search of white jeans that I had heard so much about.  Unfortunately, they were too see through for me.  But luckily I did find some great distressed jeans for just $15 (can't find them online).

I also found these flip flops, which I didn't NEED, but knew would be good for the beach and pool.  And I should probably mention I have an obsession with tortoiseshell so this was an easy pick.

Old Navy $13

Then today I happened upon J.Crew's shoe section and saw these:
J.Crew $45

I can't get over what a deal I got! They look the exact same. And my Old Navy pair are very comfy!


Spring Favorites

Happy Monday everyone!! Hope y'all had a great weekend- I sure did :)

Here are a few of my favorite things from the past couple of weeks....

1. Flowers -- the Kings Drive Farmers market is open for the season and I just can't get enough of the great bouquets they have!

Just $10 for each of these!!

2. Zebra Matches -- as found here. I can't get enough of Design Darling!

3. Dibon Champagne -- great price at $11.99, I found it at Laurel Market. Perfect for any occasion or just your regular Thursday evening.

4. Poppy's new collar accessory! My sister's friend Shannon makes these great bows/headbands for little girls. I decided it would be perfect for Poppy too!

5. Lilly Pulitzer Lacie Short -- I got these in navy and have worn them so many ways! They are a little short, so I feel like some of my more flowy tops are almost too long with them. But I just love the stretch waist band!