Launch Party- THIS Saturday

The Poppy Style launch party is THIS Saturday! I can't believe it! I am sooo excited!  It seems like I just started... which I suppose I did.

But as with any party, there is a lot to do.  Food to make (or have made), beverages (champagne) to buy, cleaning to do.  And even more because I am going to be selling my jewels, not just hanging out! I'm lucky enough to have people around to help- like my sweet hubby and wonderfully talented sister and cousin.

Tonight Dave and I will plan and strategize.  I want to know where I will have food/drinks, where I will have jewelry, where I will take payments, etc.  The house will be cleaned tomorrow and once that happens- no one will be allowed in until party time! I can't risk a mess :)

My sister & cousin are helping with the food which is a huge relief! This means I won't make a mess of the house trying to cook.  Or stress myself out by trying to cook.  I still have to organize jewelry, finish inventory & pricing.  But I'm so excited, it doesn't feel like work!

Fingers crossed people come!

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