Get to Know Poppy

A Few Fun Poppy Facts

From: SQ Rescue in Columbia, SC

Birthday: May 30, 2009

Favorite things to do: lay in bed with me, stare out windows, cuddle

Nicknames: Pop Star, Pop, Poopy head (only by Dave & I don't approve)

Favorite Treats: anything with peanut butter or cheese

Loves: anything monogrammed, pink, custom collars (as found here & here on Etsy)



I'm guessing if you are here, it is probably because you know me!

Poppy Style is my newest creation.  I have always had a love for jewelry, especially unique pieces, but have also always appreciated the fun, cute every day pieces I have found over the years.  I've had a desire for my own company for some time now and about two weeks ago I finally got the urge to just go for it! I dove in head first and I'm not looking back. 

I have amazing support from my husband (and of course from Poppy) so I know this is going to be an exciting adventure. Thank you to all of my friends & family as well for supporting me and of course for buying my jewelry!!

To see current pieces click here!